Friday, August 20, 2004

What a difference a month makes

One month ago yesterday I was being fired. Yesterday I was hired as the communications director for DAPAC. I start on Monday. A month ago I was trying to pack my old place. Today I'll probably decide between one of three apartments and move in soon thereafter. A month ago, I was in the Mountain time zone, living alone in Fort Collins. Now I'm in the crazy, wacky PDT living with the love of my life in Seattle.

In other news, I biked around Green Lake a few times today. It's a 3 mile loop. There are two lanes. One for walkers the other for rollerbladers and bikers. This is apparently far to complex for a great many people. I want to carry a ball peen hammer and smack people in the noggin. There was a couple that I called to three times to let them know I was on their left. They occupied the entire bike lane and slowed down. Hmmm. Also if there is a dividing line why would you spend your entire time walking on the fucking line...especially if genetics has bestowed upon you a bow legged wobbly walk and very large grith so that you (and god may smite me for this) resemble a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Balloon being escorted down the path swaying and tilting in the slightest breeze. Just wondering. I might bike elsewhere in the future, if only because of my blood pressure. I love Seattle. But it has some problems in common with all cities (things I sorta liked not having to deal with in Fort Collins). Crowds and parking shortages. Oh well. It's nice to be able to complain about silly small things instead of joblessness...or being away from Jen. It's been really nice to be with Jen and to get used to what it means to live with someone you really love. The balance etc. It's very rewarding. She's just as wonderful up close.

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