Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Lemonade and Goose Livers

Steve, a very nice friend of Jen's, invited a mess of people (and me, see told you he was nice) to a going away party at this restaurant The Chapel. It's posh and fancy. I am many things. Not those.
I perused the menu at The Chapel...
Foie Gras { 15. }
Chilled torchon of foie gras with fruit compote and sesame baguette.

What you may well ask is a torchon?
Pronunciation: 'tor-"shän
Function: noun
Etymology: French, duster, from Old French, bundle of twisted straw, from torche
: a coarse bobbin or machine-made lace made with fan-shaped designs
forming a scalloped edge

that's right it's chilled goose liver formed into a machine made lace
with a scalloped edge. Spiffy, no? If I'm going to eat the part of the goose that removes toxins from goose damn well better be lacy.

In other news--my interview went very well (DAPAC). Not beyond the realm of possiblity that I'll be their communications director. Plus I may have found an apartment across the street from Jen's. Life is handing me lemonade. Thanks life, you're the greatest.

[Ed note: According to Jen the term torchon refers to rolled, sliced liver. Well don't that beat all.]

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