Thursday, August 19, 2004

There's No Frontin' In Frisbee

In A League of Their Own, Tom Hanks turns to Betty Spaghetti and says, "There's no crying in baseball." Great line. True for baseball. But my rule for frisbee is "There's no frontin' in frisbee." Especially in pickup. Don't be a dick. Just don't.

I went out and played last night. Did alright. Threw for a few nice scores. Some decent defense. A few nice hammers. Not too bad. But the people I played with were all so concerned with "looking stoic, and cool." You play frisbee. Men wear skirts, and people like JKD are accepted. Come now. You cannot be a dick. It's just not right.

Take this point for example. (again, I'm not that good, I just play hard and congratulate everyone when they play well). A teamate of mine gets beat deep. I pinch over from my man come over the top of both my teamate and the offender and outjump them taking the disc away. Hit the ground hard. Bounce up, dump the disc to a handler, and sprint up the line. Get the disc back, though I layout backwards to get it. Swing the disc to the center and cut upfield. Again I get the disc back. I put up an ill advised but gorgeous big bending forehand that curves over the head of this 30 something guy. My teamate reads it and catches it for the score. I walk to the line and the guy I tooled says, "You should never throw that again." My first thought was to turn and say, "why, because it reinforced in your mind just how long it's been since you were good?" but I just smiled. Jerk.

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