Tuesday, August 17, 2004


No, not a post about Napoleon Dynamite. Though, I'll hope to share that film with Jen in the next few days.

Two stupid things from the past few days.

1. My replacement in Colorado fired a volunteer. A guy that I'd had doing volunteer recruitment (Mike) was fired. They decided that there wasn't enough work for him to be doing. Which, is as you well know, complete steaming bullshit. Mike was fired, I bet, for being one of the folks upon whom I most relied. I don't doubt that this hurt his chances of remaining involved. Because my replacement, I'm guessing is a traditional establishment guy meaning he feels like he needs to clean house. Also this suggests he is a moron. There is no one (even the Loon) who cannot contribute. Oh, and Mike is friends with the son or nephew (not sure which) of the Political Director for CEA. Good move Replacement.

2. Jenny who was staying with Jen when I arrived was ticketed for jaywalking in Seattle. Cops pulled her over, such as they are able in this case, and she was given a ticket for "failing to heed a don't walk sign." That's stupid. I want to know if they asked her, "Do you know why I've walked up next to you and asked you to stop walking?"

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