Thursday, August 26, 2004


So it's 8:41 here in Seattle. I'm still at work. That makes this a 13 hour day. I'm tired, and a bit frustrated (most coworkers left at 5pm). But it puts into perspective the sickening hours of the Dean campaign. I would still have another 2-3 hours of work left if I were in Iowa and it were say...December. My piddly little 13 hour day would be easy, like a partial vacation day. I lived like that. I shared that lifestyle with many other people, most of whom I'd call sane. How is that?

And what is more, how is it that I miss that. People have started to stay later here. I don't expect people to want the long hours like I do. But if in the end I get another 1-2 hours worth of work done a day, I cannot help but imagine that that will mean more dollars in the door. And unlike campaigns, more hours of work here might then mean more reward to our candidates...and maybe to the rest of us.

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