Tuesday, August 31, 2004

64 Degrees of Separation

From Mark, originally sent to Kos...but I got a copy so I'm posting first...

"I'm a long time reader, and have an amusing (or sad, depending on how you look at it) story for you to use. My wife and I are former Ohioans. I'm from Columbus and she's from Northwest Ohio near Lima. She just got off the phone with her family and has a juicy tale about Bush's Saturday speech at Lima Senior High School. Word has it that Bush demanded that the building temperature be 64 degrees for the entirety of his visit. He said that he only likes to give his speeches wearing jackets. Maybe that's why we haven't seen him in a flight jacket lately, as the room temp can't be turned down enough to compensate! Anyway, because of this demand, the high school's air conditioning system broke down. Now hundreds of students will have to melt for awhile in the steamy Ohio summer because of the Primadonna-and-Chief."

I think it's funny that they have a specific temperature. Do you think there was a study commissioned about how much the President sweats when it's 64 vs 65? His advance people are the best in the business--but this is preposterous.

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