Tuesday, August 31, 2004

The Return of LFABT

When I was in high school, together with several friends of mine, I talked of starting a PAC (Political Action Committee). Dr. Peet (my HS gov't teacher) got us all fired up about politics, and for some reason I fixated on the idea of starting one of these widely hated groups. I went to the library and found the address for Bill Bradley's Senate office. Mark suggested that he (Sen Bradley) would be a good person to ask for advice on the matter. I'm not sure why, but it seemed like solid advice to me. So I wrote to him of our (Mark, and myself...and maybe a few others') desire to form (and prepare to mock me): LFABT...which was the horrible ackronym for Liberals for a Better Tomorrow. Catchy right. Well Senator Bradley, or an obliging intern responded within a week or so with a "personal note" and some basic information on starting a PAC, etc. Suffice to say, I never followed through.

But today, I was realizing that while running a PAC isn't easy, it's certainly something I could do. I'd need to find good staffers, and seed money, but it's no longer something lightyears beyond my abilities. Most of it seems to be the irrational moxie that leads a 17 year old to write to a random Senator demanding information on how to form a stupidly titled PAC. There is a familiarity to those actions in my work here. The bumblebee shouldn't fly, but, as the saying goes, no one told the bumblebee.

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