Monday, August 16, 2004

Lame Man in the Land of Hipsters

Seattle is an amazing city. It's first off full of great neighborhoods. I'm living (staying) on Capitol Hill. It feels like a great hybrid of the Wedge and Uptown in Minneapolis mixed with the Short North from Columbus. Gay, progressive, street culture, shops, eateries, funky...but without being opressively cool. I don't feel like I'm breaking some moral code by not wearing a too tight green t-shirt, and worn wide wail cords. Meeting Jen's friends was reassuring. They aren't scenesters. They are big, overeducated dorks. Microsofties ('softies, in my personal vernacular), non-profity folks, Amherst grads, Yalies. Rock climbers and bree eaters, but neither to the exclusion of mainly just being fun folks. I spent Friday night watching the sun set behind the Cascade Mountains while sitting on a beach with great conversation, and a bit of frisbee. Life is good. The frisbee did result in me laying out into a large pile of drift wood. I'm nothing if not consistent. Namely any opportunity to injure myself in pursuit of a disc, I'll take. On Thursday we were at the same beach, Golden Gardens (which I swear sounds like a crappy Chinese Buffet) and played beach volley ball. The previously un-defeating ( english) Fuzzy Marmots of Doom were able to win. I pretended to be Tony, an absent male teammate. We won three games. This was 3 more than they'd ever won. Tony! Tony! TONY! Indeed.

I have an interview with DAPAC on Tuesday. Not sure what kind of an interview it'll be. Should be interesting. The head is a fan of Wellstone. That always helps.

Oh, and Jen and I are doing well. Saturday was harder than any day prior. But we talked, and figured out what was bothering each of us. It was just as it should be. And then Sunday was wonderful. It's so strange, and so rewarding. Maybe it's strange because of just how rewarding it is.

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