Thursday, December 21, 2006

Best of Where is My Mind 2006: The Third Quarter

These are the sections, sentences and sentiments that I found most interesting and most worthy of reprinting from July, August and September. Again, if you have others you think are more interesting, witty, or worthy, let me know in the comments.


Bed Bath and Beyond Gets a Letter from Amnesty International
We spent what I believe I consider a Geneva convention violating 45 minutes in the towel section of BBB. Now, contrary to sexist stereotypes this was not because Jess was fretting and fussing. Though there was some of that. A good bit of that. The primary reason we spent 45 minutes there is because BBB seems to hate us. We picked out towels we liked, then tried to find another towel to match it. Nope. Sold out. Sold out of this kind of towel throughout the metro area. Picked another towel. Nope, no good. Another. Nope doesn't match the shower curtain. And so on.

Sorry, this was a lame blogging month. There is this notion that great suffering leads to great art. I neither pretend to have suffered greatly nor to have created great art. For me there seems to be little rhyme or reason to the strong or weak posts. Sometimes when I'm lonely and sad, I write well. Other times those emotions damn up any desire to express myself. Just a thought.


Rock as Lullaby, Brilliant or Bogus.
Is it introducing kids to amazing songs that parents can tolerate and planting a seed for good musical taste. Or is it bastardizing music and potentially ruining their ability to appreciate Led Zeppelin's raucus bad-assity.

Stepping stone or barrier. Put another way is this Fisher Price my first cd collection or is it like Gerber pureed sushi--a bastardization of something great.

Yikes, another month with little redeeming writing. It's a wonder that any of you maintained interest in this blog over the summer. My apologies. Yeesh.


Geographic place or state of existence
We [Amb. Grey] flowed through defenses like Sherman going through Georgia.
Then Sunday we have BRDM practice, followed by a scrimmage, followed by a BBQ out in Stirling, which I believe is still technically within the boundaries of the state of Virginia, though I'm not sure, it feels like it's more a metaphysical place, the place you reach when you drive west out of DC and cannot fathom driving any further to see friend or foe and are ready to turn around...that's when you get to Stirling. Sadly, it's never any closer than that.

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