Friday, December 22, 2006

It really is in my head

A new study concludes that variability in motions like swinging a golf club or pitching, etc are largely due to variability in the brain. The brain does not draw up the same plan for motion each time. While training can give the brain clues and tools to solve the problem in a similar fashion, it's still not perfect. Sounds like we're built to adapt to situations, which I'm sure has served us know in not getting eaten by large carnivores. But dammit, I want my forehand to be the same everytime. Though I guess given that the defense is not the same eachtime, and my level of fatigue changes, and the receiver changes and the wind changes and the condition of the disc changes, it's probably reasonable to have a brain that computes those variables each time, instead of just generating a generic "forehand to cutter" algorithm.

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