Friday, December 01, 2006

This is not winter.

Currently, on December 1st at 11:27am it is 67 degrees in Washington, DC. That's preposterous. It's honestly unacceptable. I need some chill in the air. I'm wearing a polo shirt and I'm warm. This is in December. Frickin' DC.

Out of idle curiosity I checked's average temperature for the days that I'd consider Winter, roughly November through March. DC has a total of 9 days that have ever recorded a temperature below zero, or at least there are 9 days ever that have a lowest temperature below zero.

I wondered just how different this was from Minneapolis. For the city of Minneapolis there is no single day between November 16 and March 31st that has a lowest recorded temperature above zero. Each and every day has a lowest temp in the negatives, including some days where it reached negative 40 degrees.

There are times when I really miss the sense of personal superiority I felt living in Minnesota. There is something great about knowing that you're living and thriving in a place where it's -10. It's great to feel tougher than most of the world. I read somewhere that 98% of all people in the world live in places warmer than Minneapolis. I'm in the top 2% of crazies/tough guys. It was nice. You don't get that same sensation when you live in a city where the average high in December is 48 degrees. Something about that doesn't suggest enduring the harsh frontier. It suggests weather that makes a sweater descriptive both of the clothing and the reaction that clothing brings upon your body.

Apparently a storm with an eye and sustained winds of between 39-73mph is a tropical storm. By which definition, DC is predicted to experience winds equivalent to those of a tropical storm later today, which is only fitting given that it is so warm and muggy here. I guess I'm living in the Tropic of Columbia.

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