Friday, September 22, 2006

The Weekend to Come

So it's promising to be another hectic weekend for me. Tonight I go to Jacob and Suzanne's for a Rosh Hashannah meal (L'shana tova). Then Jess and I are going to go down to the mall and walk around the monuments at night. We did it on one of our pre-dates last year and I remember it being just beautiful. It'll be nice to see the city at night, it's often best then. Tomorrow I'm planning on doing some reading (trying to finish All the King's Men so that I can allow myself to see the movie). I want to avoid simply placing Sean Penn's face into my image of the lead character, but the more I see the previews the more he enters my mental picture. Must read faster.

Tomorrow afternoon I have a double header with Ambiguously Gray my A league team. We're really good. It's some of the most pleasant ultimate I've ever played. Every cut is crisp, every throw seems on target. We flowed through defenses like Sherman going through Georgia. Which is to say what we lacked in efficiency we more than made up for in gusto.

After the double header Jess and I are have a bunch of friends over for games. Because what is more cool than games on a Saturday night. What's the point of being a nerd if you cannot share it with others. So I expect some Settlers, Apples to Apples, Things, Celebrity, Boggle, Taboo, and who knows what else.

Then Sunday we have BRDM practice, followed by a scrimmage, followed by a BBQ out in Stirling, which I believe is still technically within the boundaries of the state of Virginia, though I'm not sure, it feels like it's more a metaphysical place...the place you reach when you drive west out of DC and cannot fathom driving any further to see friend or foe and are ready to turn around...that's when you get to Stirling. Sadly, it's never any closer than that.

A busy weekend. And then next weekend is Regionals. Exciting stuff.

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