Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Say Cheese!

With some additional money from a holiday bonus, I'm looking to buy a new digital camera. When I last bought a camera I felt like I was on top of things. I knew what I wanted, I found a camera that worked and I was glad. Now I'm completely lost. I don't know enough about cameras and computers to make an informed decision. It's become really overwhelming.

I basically want the following: 1) little lag time -- so the camera clicks when I push the button, and is ready for another photo soon there after. 2) Enough megapixels to take clear crisp photos and ideally enough to have room to crop. 3) Zoom 4x, but I'd be happy with 3 if it came to it. 4) I'd like something with a burst mode, where I could take a couple of photos in rapid succession to capture ultimate shots. 5) I want something that fits into my pocket. So a compact or ultracompact.

I'm willing to spend upto 350 for the camera. What should I buy? I am wading through reviews and descriptions but am seriously lost.


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