Thursday, January 04, 2007

Always Be Closing

As a favor to my mom while I was home I sorted through a closet full of old flyfishing gear. I had forgotten just how much stuff I accumulated during those years of obsession. Suffice to say I was an easy kid to shop for then, anything and everything flyfishing. I was to use an awful pun, hooked. But since I haven't really done any flyfishing in the past decade it seems time to either trash, sell or donate some of my stuff. There's just too much particularly since I don't use it. So I boxed things up and posted it on ebay. Today, after eagerly watching the bids come in, I sold some flies, fly boxes, leaders, etc for 65 dollars. Far less than the value of the items, but far more than I would have gotten from letting them sit in the closet. This got me thinking about other things I have that I could sell. The problem with most items I own and would sell is that they are either ugly, broken, tarnished, unwieldy, or some combination of all four. And besides, they're hard to replace or replenish. This brought me to the idea of selling some of the photographs I've taken this year. Now, odds are this will be a cartoonish boondoggle, but you know maybe people want to buy these pictures. So I put three of the photos I took in Seattle on ebay and am going to wait and see. I don't imagine I'll get any bids, and so I'll lose 2 bucks in the process. Such is life. But it'd be super fun if photos which are a nearly endless resource were something I could put on ebay to make a small bit of cash from time to time. Adding another 10 bucks a month to my income would be fine. Nothing elaborate or gaudy, just a little bit here and there that I can tuck away in savings. We'll see if anything comes of it. I'm betting that people who want to buy "art" will prefer to buy it from people who know what an F-stop does, or can converse ably about apertures, and not some schmuck like me.

To check on the progress of my photos you can go here,here and here*

*Please do not consider this some sort of pitch or plug for bidding on them, I mean really, most of you know me and could just ask for a copy. I'm not trying to get friends to pay for some pics I took.

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