Thursday, January 25, 2007

Je suis fatigue.

For the past week I've been staying late to work on a series of interviews. They're like one person focus groups, but because they're with "civilians," ie people at their homes instead of professionals at work I've been working until 9PM most nights. So this week has been a taste of my former life, my "life" as a campaign worker. I show up at 9am (would have been 8am on the campaign) and don't leave until 9pm (usually would have been 11p-12A on the campaign). It's downright exhausting. This more rigorous scheduled, coupled with my efforts to eat more healthfully and less overall has me feeling rundown. Oh, and toss in the fact that I've been doing pilates each of the last two days, and I'm just cooked.

I'm hoping to be finished with these interviews soon, though I have 13 out of 30 done, so if you extrapolate...well, it's unpleasant. So I'm sorta muddling through. If my communications and writing have the stench of inattentiveness and the clarity of Lake Erie water you'll have to excuse me. It's amazing that I was able to sustain this for months on end during the campaigns. I think a large part of it comes down to the energy of the office. Having people milling around working hard while you are working helps. Being alone in a Dupont office for 3 hours while dialing and interviewing is lonely and grinding. But, all that said, I'm feeling pretty well lately. I'm feeling fairly healthy. Looking forward to some touch football. I might even get to play ultimate this weekend, for the first time in three weeks. I'm pretty sure I'll remember the basic rules.

Glutton for punishment that I am, I packed my gym clothes. Here's hoping that myth of exercise giving you energy starts to seem more plausible. So far the equation seems pretty clear, using energy to exercise leaves me with less energy.

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