Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Winter goals

1. ENDURANCE I. I want to be able to play at full intensity 3-5 more points per game. I usually can play 80% of my points at full intensity and then the rest at 75%. I want another 3-5 at full speed, full recover.
2. ENDURANCE II. I'd like to be able to play long all game. I've played so much handler that or mid that I don't really have the stamina to play long (with 5 yard set ups and 40 yard cuts) for long points all game. This needs to change and to do so I need to start to run. I've never run more than 3 miles in my life. This winter I want to finish being able to run 6.
3. VERTICAL. I want 3-5 inches on my vertical. Any increase in my vertical will result in a stronger first step. and lord knows that can't hurt.
4. BACKHAND BREAK. I didn't break mark at Regionals with a backhand. This needs to change.
5. HECKLING. I'm a good heckler. But I need to really think about the essence of mockery, really explore the mental space and find ways to taunt while educating, humiliate while being humorous.

In service of these goals, I went for a little run this evening. 2.8 miles in about 25 minutes. Felt nice.

Completely unrelated thoughts: I'm trying to think of songs (ideally well travelled hip hop or something easily recognized) to turn into frisbee songs that we can sing on the sidelines during games.

One team started their game by singing Milkshake by Kelis. I'm proposing Nothing But a G Thang, maybe Holiday Inn...something that has a fun chorus that people know, and we can adapt. Thoughts?

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