Thursday, October 06, 2005

After After Ashley

Went with Brian (who is visiting this weekend, or at least for part of it) to see Susan's play: After Ashely. Sadly it's been, I calculated, nearly 3 years since I've seen any theater. That's terrible. Same thing with dance (I have seen one piece since Ann and I broke up). So this week I am rectifying these transgressions against my artistic health.

After Ashley was, first and foremost, great fun. It was interesting, funnny, and challenging. And it was free. So maybe that's first. I think the show itself warrants its own post. When I was in HS and did theater people brought you flowers when they came to see your show. So I thought, well I'll get Susan some flowers and bring them to her. Apparently this was above and beyond. All the cast were shocked to see the ASM (assistant stage manager) with flowers. I just figured it was a nice thing to do for a friend in the "biz."

After "After Ashley" we went to Jaleo for tapas. I hate tapas. I find it over priced, over hyped and wholly underwhelming. But we went to tapas. I cannot stress enough the degree to which I find tapas to be the most annoying of new trends. The food always seems greasy and prepared haphazardly. Over presented and under cooked or underwhelming and over priced. I think of tapas sort of like Polly Pocket. Being small and easily shared doesn't make something distasteful better. It just makes it smaller, and supposedly cute. I for one, have no use for cute food. I love appetizers. I love sharing food. But something about the tapas I've had has left me unsatisfied.

I ordered a full plate meal. It consisted of chicken. just a bunch of chicken, poorly seasoned, ill prepared and exceedingly chewy. Jaleo and I are not friends. We will, god willing, not be seeing any more of eachother.

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