Sunday, October 16, 2005

Bright Smile.

A fairly normal weekend this one. The amazing thing is how fortunate I feel to have weekends (at all) like this. I'm certainly in the right place these days.

At 6P I left work and walked to my bank, dropped off my check and wandered over to 2nd Story books. I feel, irrationally, like I'm cheating on a lover whenever I go to any bookstore in DC that's not Kramer Books and Afterwards. I look around to make sure no one I know sees me going in. I had about 20 minutes to kill before I met my friends at the Metro. I spent the time eagerly and gingerly going through hundreds of maps, lithographs and woodblock prints-- most under 30 bucks. When I get a little more money, or a little less self-restraint (more likely of the two options) I'll pick up a few lithographs to decorate the house. I had this long time where I found lithograpsh really lacking. But after spending time at the Met and really looking at the works and thinking about how they are constructed, I became something of a convert. So it'll be nice to get one of those for the bare concrete walls of my apartment.

After 2nd Story I met JKD, Liz, Jesseca and Amanda. We were heading to Virginia to see Josh Ritter and the Frames. I have burned Josh cds for Amanda (when we were in Minnesota), and Jesseca and Liz. I'm like the Johnny Appleseed of Josh Ritter.

We jumped on the Metro and headed deep (well sorta) into Virginia. I, for one, don't like Virginia. I don't like visiting, I don't like being there really at all. It's a place that just feels weird and for reasons that I cannot fully articulate I just don't like it. It's a bit like trying to explain the feeling right before you sneeze. It doesn't really make sense or compare to any other feelings...but I have that kind of feeling about Virginia, it's like something awkward, loud and phlegmy is going to happen. Yuck.

We get to the venue, get some tix and head out for Thai food. Great Thai food. Good conversation. The evening is working well.

Getting into the venue is tricky. I have my messenger bag and am forced to throw out my bottle of water, and I have to argue and plead to avoid having to throw out the tupperwear container with Paul's lasagna from the night before (sadly I forgot to refrigerate it). JKD is unable to bring in a thermos, apparently there is some great concern about contraband liquid in the venue.

The concert itself is amazing. Josh comes out in a long coat. He's in good voice, energetic. and it's clear that my friends are enjoying themselves. Which was probably my biggest concern. I think some people may have gone mainly to humor/placate me. And knowing that they weren't going to regret that decision was great. Mixed with cheap PBR, familiar songs and good friends the evening was a pleasure.

Josh is, as ever, smiley and dopey. "Our little rockstar," as JKD calls him.

The Frames are tremendous. High energy. Clearly having fun. They cover To Be of Use by Smog (with the memorable lyric, "Most of my fantasies are of making someone else come.") They cover as part of another song Pure Imagination from Willy Wonka. It's a great fucking evening. Just a hoot.

I wake up early. Far too early. Put on some Petey Pable (Raise Up) and get ready for Raze's game. I head over to JKD's and meet Amanda and Libby there and we drive to Virgina (grrr) for a game. I'm fired up. I am sick of losing and decide that I am going to be dominant in this game. I am going to get open all the time, I am going to throw well, and most importantly that I am going to shut my guy down on defense. And you know what, I did those things. It felt incredible. I played really strong defense and it was, for the first time, more fun than offense. And yet. We lost.

A wonderful leisurely drive back to the District under a heroically blue sky. I got home and just hung out for the rest of the day. Made some guacamole, drank a beer or two, watched Almost Famous.

Later in the evening I went to Jesseca's friends' party. The preponderance of Jesseca's friends in the district are Jewish. I walked into a room filled will relatively short, semitic looking guys with scruffy beards, with names like Micah and Juda and Chaim (okay that I made up, but seriously it was an incredible assemblage of 20 something Jews). There were 3 Brandeis grads. I'm glad I started growing my beard earlier in the week, otherwise I'd have been cast out. It was a good time. Good conversation, good beer, great goat cheese. A fine evening. Sadly the hosts of the party were throwing the party as a last hooray before they move. I'm quite certain I'd be good friends with them, and it's sad to know that's not going to happen now (or at least less likely).

Pickup at the Polo fields. Decent turn out. The energy I mustered for defense on Saturday was wholly absent on Sunday. I did have spiffy new socks courtesy of Ms. Sproat. Quite nice. Sadly my play was considerably less spiffy than my socks, but a good time was had by all. Afterwards headed to Dupont for lunch/dinner, book shopping, and a movie (The Aristocrats). Now I'm going to remove my contacts, pour myself a Magic Hat, plant myself on the 14yr old makeout couch and remind myself why I loved The Great Gatsby as a 10th grader.

I lead a blessed life, and I try hard to remember just how fortunate I am. I have friends whom I adore. People to learn from (and make eggs with , and get socks from, and make stupid jokes to) isn't too shabby for Aaron.

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Hertha Gearin said...

It looks like that it is all fun for you and the gang! Concerts can always be exciting when you have your friends and buddies along. Heeh, you must have enjoyed those days to the fullest. Surely, it can give anyone a bright smile.