Monday, October 17, 2005

It makes the world go 'round, and makes me nutty

It's pricey to live in Washington, DC.

And not really even for the reasons you might assume. I pay less in rent here, than I did in Seattle. I don't have a car, and therefore don't have to pay for gas. Though I do still have to pay for insurance--the car lives at my parent's house, it's like after years of unfaithful service it's been put out to stud, to procreate and annoy future generations of car owners. But having friends and little time to cook, that destroys my budgets like a paper airplane in a forest fire. Summary of expenses of the past 24 hours.

Metro to frisbee: 1.35
Metro from frisbee to lunch: 1.35
Lunch (ordering very cheaply): 10.71
Bookstore browsing: free
Movie (matinee): 6.75
Metro home: 1.35
Metrobus to work: 1.25
Breakfast burrito: 3.85
Lunch: 5.45
Metro to Paul's: 1.35
Bike lock: 34.00
Bike reflector: 12.00
REI membership: 15.00
Total for the past day and a half: 94.41

And it's certainly not as though I'm leading an extravagant lifestyle. I'm grateful that to be with my friends I don't have to go and drink, because I'd be even poorer. And yes the bike lock was bought for several good reasons: 1) to promote me exercising more, 2) cutting down on Metro fare. And the bike reflector is so I don't die, which seems like an expense worth making.

It's just annoying. I spend so much of my time worrying about money. I don't know what it's like to be unconcerned about it. I always have this fear of some horrible expense, or being fired, or some other financially destructive wave. It's really fucking annoying, frankly. I don't spend lavishly. I don't travel. (much). I don't drink (much). I don't smoke (at all). I don't buy Cds, one in the past 6 months. I spend less than 6 bucks at lunch nearly every day. I don't use a car. and yet I always seem to find some way to fuck up my budget. One month it was replacing my glasses. One month it was paying for the next 6months of car insurance. There's always something. I'm sick of it.

I usually try to have these posts have some arc, some whining, some good part, some funny, some earnest. This one doesn't have those features, it's really just me being frustrated with the cost of living, and not sure what to do. I guess I will have to wake up earlier and make lunches. That'll help a little. And I figure if I bike a few days a week I can save maybe 20 bucks a month that way.

Sorry for the tirade. I'm sure the next post will be much happier. And things will get back to normal.

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