Sunday, October 16, 2005

Like Oprah, kinda.

So as I child I remember shopping with my mom and walking to the checkout counter and seeing a tabloid with the inside scoop into Oprah's miraculous weight loss or her terrifying weight gain. Well this is the requiste post about Aaron's facial hair. Starting Tuesday morning...I began Operation Winterize. I'm bringing back the beard. A focus group of close friends reveals that attitudes are mixed on the issue. Some friends see the beard as a sexy choice, one that fits with their values. Others see the beard as a barrier towards ones kissibility. I may later conduct some polling to gain a more projectable sense of the public's opinion on the matter. For now I'm behaving like the bold leader we always knew I was...bravely acting even in the face of uncertain polling numbers. That's right, I don't make decisions based on polls. I'm far more whimsy-prone than that.

We'll see how long this lasts. Turns out I can grow facial hair pretty quickly. I'm past the indie-rock stubble and towards what Mark would certainly call a respectable beard after less than a week.

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