Friday, October 21, 2005

Aaron Leavy: Trendsetter.

At 6PM this evening I will be conveyed to New York by that most noble of steads: the Chinatown Bus. Washington DC has a Chinatown, though the veracity of that title is highly questionable. There are a couple of Chinese restaurants and a few grocery stores. But mainly there is the MCI Center. I have to figure that a parade of hockey fans sorta overwhelms what little Chinatown-y vibes may exist.

On the other end (in NYC) I'll get to see Mark and Stacy and of course Brian. Should be a good weekend. I have no idea what we'll be doing. But I'm hoping it's cheap.

I'm bringing my BRDM jersey. Time for some guerilla brand awareness in the mecca of hip. Soon some asipring designer will dredge up from the recesses of their memory the image of an oh-so cool guy with a wonderful red machine logo...and I can only imagine what kind of brilliant gear will result from that. Soon everyone will want to wear our jersey. We will become, as Paul says, more of a marketing phenomenon than a team. Or maybe not.

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