Friday, October 14, 2005

What month am I...

I was talking with my friend Katie White. She has recently moved with her boyfriend to Florida. she was recounting the incredible heat and the consistent weather. I realized why this bothered me (for her specifically). I've always associated Katie with the period in Late fall before Winter comes. She's a november person. She seems to best emody her own specific talents, values, and virtues in that time. I got to wondering, what season to I think best fits other people I know.

Brian is August. Baseball season, dark shoes, black shorts.
Mark is trickier, I'd say September. His birthday. When we met. The start of school. the start of football season. it's the time when his relentless belief that things can be better and different seems most real, most true.

What about others? do people associate themselves, me, others with a month.

Who belongs to what month, who belongs in what season.

I think I'm May. Something about the liminal state between spring and summer. The transition from growing to blossoming. The period when late afternoon naps spent under a single sheet with the windows open are possible.

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