Saturday, May 28, 2005

Vin Diesel Once Invented a Plane with No Wings

It's 9:54 am at Oberlin. Despite going to bed at 3:45 I woke up at 8:30. Hooray!

I've been wandering the internet for a while this morning and found this site.
It's wonderful, it gives you fun facts about vin diesel. When the page loads just hit refresh and enjoy.

For instance:

Vin Diesel is not in fact bald, but has discover the secret of limited invisibility.
Vin Diesel is so tall that his field of vision goes all the way around the world, and he can see his own ass.
It was Vin Diesel's idea to glue staples together in columns. Before that, they just came in singles.
Vin Diesel Once ate seven orangutans after losing a game of Go Fish to Jesus.
If God made a burrito so hot that even He could not eat it, Vin Diesel would eat it with Fire sauce from Taco Bell.

My favorite:
Vin Diesel once invented a plane with no wings. He put wheels underneath it and called it a train.

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