Sunday, May 01, 2005

Quick Sunday Update

As my new laptop has not yet arrived (that's right, I'm soon to be the proud owner of a refurbished Dell laptop), I'm paying the fine folks of Kinko's for the right to use the internet. (I guess right is probably a strong term, the priviledge, makes more sense). Anyways...quick updates.
1. Getting laptop. It's a refurbished Dell with 2.33ghz, 30G hd, CDR/DVD, 256 Ram. All for right about 500 bucks. Hooray for luck.

2. Am now least on the face. I'm back to my presentable self. For about 3 minutes I had just a moustache, and I was terrified/terrifying. I did sort of look like a gay 70s cop, so that's something.

3. My knee is again screwed up. While playing today, I layed out and banged my knee up pretty good. It hurt enough that I didn't play anymore during the game (even as we lost) which gives those of you who've seen me play a sense of the severity. But I've iced it and am enjoying the pleasant feelings that candy brings. (candy being ultimate slang for Ibuprofen).

4. I'm getting truly jazzed about my trip/move to DC. For the first time it's seeming more real than fantasy, and while I'll certainly miss Seattle (it's hard to leave when it's lush, green, sunny and 65 most days) I'm eager to find myself doing good work around my east coast friends.

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