Thursday, May 12, 2005

It's far

Last night saw the installation of Streets and Trips 2005 (with the fancy GPS locator). I spent the better part of the evening into the morning (2am) playing with the mapping function. It's fantastic. My route is nearly planned. Along the way if I so desire I can open my lap top and find the nearest thai restaurant to West Yellowstone, or the closest grocery store to Pahaska. The software stores all those locations. The single greatest realization from last nights forray into cartography was just how fucking long this trip is going to be. As the crow flies Seattle to Columbus is only 1890 miles. I am neither a crow nor am I flying so it's considerably longer than that. It's estimated at 42 hours and 16 minutes worth of driving. I'll cover more than 2800 miles all told (plus about 10 or so hiking).

For some perspective I used the fancy "measure the distance" tool on Streets and Trips. Turns out it's 1870 miles from Barcelona to Moscow. Long story short, it's a long trip, which hopefully yields some great stories.

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