Friday, May 06, 2005

Familiarity Breeds Relief

My flight was uneventful. I finished a book, took a nap, and plowed through half of another book. Good stuff. Turns out that National Airport is wonderful. I'd never been, as I usually drive to Washington. National is really a nice way to welcome folks. I was surprised, I sorta assumed that it would feel unwelcoming (at least to me) since it shares a name with Reagan. About 20 minutes after landing I had another informational interview lined up thanks in large part to help from Ms. Stuntz. Met up with Emmet and went for a "kick." We bumped into a friend from the campaign. It's nice to feel comfortable in this city. It's nice to feel at home. I was afraid that I'd feel really removed and distant when I got here, like a high school football player trying to relieve old glories. Turns out I was wrong. Thankfully.

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