Friday, May 27, 2005

Oberlin.Blogspot Live from Oberlin

I'm at my reunion. Not my 5th year fourth. But because of an inane clustering system (whereby I'm paired with 2000, and 1999 grads) it's my time to shine and remember. It's truly stunning to be back. I've been back before, but never when other friends were here, and never during nice weather. It's wonderful. I met friends and went for a few drinks at the Feve (local reference). Then played frisbee on Tappan square. I saw an Ex. Though I think that she and her boyfriend did not see me. I saw old student senators and friends from Seattle. (3 in fact). I'm writing from a single dorm room in East. It's incredible to be here. It smells and feels just like the first day moving in. I feel like I'm this over experienced freshman reclaiming my four years. I'm in a particularly nostaligic point in my life, transitions and changes will do that to a person: but I love it here. Later tonight I'm sure more alcohol will be consumed, stories told and heartstrings tugged upon. Then tomorrow is the alumni frisbee game and other wonderousness. I'm sure to injure myself playing tomorrow, and would expect nothing less. I feel like I'm playing to prove to others that I could have played before. The thing is they don't care, not out of malice but because I never registered that high on the scale to be concerned about my abilities. So we'll see about tomorrow, I'm just hoping I don't play too hard and seem like the guy who doesn't realize it's just for fun. Because this whole weekend, all of it, it's just for fun. Nothing more and certainly nothing less.

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