Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Voter Fraud, and Where's Waldo for Facts

So already it's been reported and commented upon by far better writers than myself--but there is a scandal (hopefully) brewing regarding voter fraud. Dkos has it here. What I wonder is the accused company is named as "Voters Outreach of America" and is also cited "AKA America Votes." I thought America Votes was a group of liberal do-gooders. For instance their site...

What we do:
America Votes is a non-partisan political organization formed in July 2003 for the purpose of increasing voter registration, education and participation in electoral politics. Founded by the largest grassroots organizations in the country, representing more than 20 million Americans, America Votes will utilize the strategic abilities and large membership bases of the partnering groups to break new ground in electoral politics.

So what gives. Is this a different America this slander, wtf?

Oh, and then a little on tonight's debate.
Jen and I were talking about it. She figured it'd be like Where's Waldo for the Truth. I'm guessing Bush will make at least 3 true statements or characterizations...he will correctly pronounce and identify Senator/Sen./John/Kerry. (note this is a change from when he called his opponent Senator Kennedy) He will refer accurately to himself as the President of the United States/USA/US/America. He will thank the people of Arizona State University/ASU/this fine university/this here school for hosting. As for the lies, misstatements...well let's just say most other things will fall in this category. I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't get the moderator's name right.

I'm guessing as far as themes---LIBERAL will be mentioned a few times, government take over of health care. It's the golden oldies.

My wildcard question of the night.... Kerry gets asked the Kitty Dukakis question. Namely something aggressive on the death penalty. The story would be so easy to write for too many journalists. Especially since the Supreme Court is going to be discussing that today. In fact the more I think about this the more certain I am of this question. The story is just too easy to write. It's a clear comparison, it has historical references, Kerry's changed his position, it's topical, and it's juicy. But if I've thought it so have many smarter people including Bob Shrum, Joe Lockhart, et al. But I still have concern for that question. Oh, and another thing, if that comes up, why doesn't Bush have to worry about alienating Catholics. Grrr.

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