Thursday, October 07, 2004

Tim Ryan for Senate and Blackwell makes my wanna cry

So I just saw a clip of Tim Ryan speaking about the draft and the dissembling ways of this administration. Got me all riled up. Had a little Wellstone in it. Miss that. A friend said, it's too bad this won't get press coverage. I said, "this wouldn't get press coverage if it was done inside CNN. It wouldn't be mentioned if it were the opening act for the resurrected and reunited Beatles."

here you go.

Oh in other Ohio news. Ken Blackwell is a fucking moron. Granted that's not news. Yup. All the Ohio ballots have been printed, and each features the name of a certain inelligible candidate Ralph Nader. He's not allowed to garner votes. Maybe next time we should add Ronald Reagan, he has the same legal standing to appear on the Ohio ballot. Screw it, we should just have a word search. Candidates names may appear horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Or maybe you can take a physical challenge and get two votes. That'd be great. Because you know, at base, democracy is really only a guidline, we should improve on basic rights by adding cool things like diversions and illegal candidates.

So help me god, I need a shotgun or a stiff drink.

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