Monday, October 25, 2004

It's been 2 years

It's been 2 years since Paul and Sheil, Marcia, Will, Mary, and Tom died (Richard and Michael as well). I've teared up a few times today. But mostly I've been thinking of just how fortunate I feel. I've spent the day reconnecting with my political friends. Brothers and sisters in arms. I love the people I've met, I love that I have been paid to work with brilliant people towards powerful ends. Shared stories, and incredible memories, heartache and pure elation--it's not a 401K but those moments have nourished me in the interveening years.

I miss Paul. I miss the sense of purpose and clarity I feel and felt when working on a campaign. I miss the fatigue that came with the knowledge that I'd worked for someone else--an unnamed person--not the candidate.

To those of you still working on campaigns, I am proud of you. I miss you and wish you strength. It's 7 days and a wake up. go forth and do good. Call me at any hour, day or night if you need to bitch these next few days.

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