Thursday, October 07, 2004

No WMDs, and this just in Santa Claus is your father.

I've been thinking a little (not much, really) about the newest report confirming that really there aren't any WMDs there. Here's the thing for me. It's not like this was the Daschle report, the President picked this guy. Do you think if Bush went to the doctor and was repeatedly told he didn't have cancer that he'd still insist that the doctor take out his right testicle. Put another way, I'm sure Bush believed in Santa Claus as a child, but when you see your father putting on the suit you want to be smart enough to realize that you were wrong. That you have to change your understanding of the world. Cognitive dissonance is painful because it challenges what you think is true. Apparently for this administration it's irrelevant because you cannot provide enough evidence to dissuade someone for whom evidence is immaterial. Grr.

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