Thursday, March 08, 2007

Uncle Ted

Ted Stevens, or as Alaskans call him, "Uncle Ted" is a prodigous provider of pork (and apparently alliteration). He suggested the "Bridge To Nowhere" among other amazing uses of Federal Tax dollars. I love an Alaskan. And I love the idea of Alaska, but a state where residents are paid to live there and where the Federal Government basically backs up a dump truck of money every year is not a place where people should get to simultaneously pretend that they are rugged and wholly independent. If you have a local economy almost entirely because of the generosity of tax payers in Evanston and Tempe and wherever else, you should not be too quick to complain about Democratic spending. But that's neither here nor there. The point of my little rant is that this year Ted Stevens has topped his "Bridge to Nowhere" with a train to the North Pole. Seriously, there is a town in Alaska called North Pole and they are about to receive 4 million dollars to expand a railroad. Ignoring the preposterousness of a town named North Pole for a moment,the town has 1,700 residents, which makes is suburb worthy in Alaska. He's literally funding the Polar Express, a train that goes to the North Pole. The attack ads are too easy to create. It's like Fisher Price my first negative ad.

The amazing thing about Stevens is just how brazen he is. Stevens is the guy who gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar and asks for the jar as well.

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