Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hillary "Flips Out"

What does the logo look like to you? Yeah, me too. I saw this photo of Hillary and thought, wow she's really getting tough. She's like "Fuck you all." I was impressed by her tenacity and gumption. I mean she's in front of an array of hands flippin' off someone. Then I read the caption, apparently those are buildings. "Democratic Presidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., gestures during a speech before the National League of Cities meeting in Washington, Tuesday, March 13, 2007. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)" The National League of Cities needs to get a new graphic designer. And someone on Hillary's staff should suggest that standing in front of a bunch of hands flipping the bird might not be ideal.

Though honestly, it's the coolest photo of the campaign so far.

Zach brings up a great idea: HRC staffers should really have a Top 10 list of things never to have her stand in front of.

1) Monica Lewinsky
2) Anything that suggests a giant penis. (it's safe for work)
3) The homeless
4) Alex Rodriguez

What others should she avoid.

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