Thursday, March 22, 2007


Knut the polar bear cub at the Berlin zoo may be the cutest animal ever. Which is odd, because rarely do I associate cute with Germans. And this video vindicates that sentiment. Or at least further explains why German is not a language that can be made to comport with notions of playfulness and cuteness. This "music" video is adorable visually (it's a polar bear cub playing around it's gotta be cute) but annoying and largely disconcerting aurally. The childlike voice just makes it creepier. See if you agree.

Oh and then there's this, an Australian new broadcast about the cub, refers to him as cuddly Nut. Which is different, I'd argue than cute Knut. Apparently the Aussies don't have much experience with the name Knut, or you know the interest in asking anyone how to pronounce the name. Sweet. They're like Americans that way.

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