Thursday, March 08, 2007


So back in 1993 Rudy Giuliani ran this ad It's both horrifically creepy and really transparent. The scene where she says he seemed strong and at the same time gentle, has the feel of a douche ad. It's uncomfortably awkward.

Then a couple seconds later she talks about wanting to have children with him. Fine. Except there she is in a hospital bed with Rudy by her side. Since the quality of the footage doesn't change it's clear that this was shot after the event. Meaning Rudy's wife got back into a hospital bed and pretended to have just given birth for a political ad. That's creepy. Later on in the ad we see Rudy with his child. Rudy is sitting there in a catchers stance, but his child is hitting off of a tee. He slaps his glove like someone is going to pitch to him. But the ball is clearly in front of him on a tee. Also, what the fuck is wrong with Rudy's son that he requires a catcher for a ball sitting on a tee? I know that he was once married to his cousin, but I thought that the son in the ad was not inbred.

I can only hope that he continues to use whatever firm produced this incredible drivel.

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