Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Terra 911

While walking from work to the bus stop I glanced down and say the license plate of a particularly nice Virginia Nissan: Terra 911. I've spent the past few hours trying to figure out what on earth it means. Are they mocking the president for his pronunciation of terror? Are they standing steadfast in support of the rescue workers? Because it's from VA you have to assume that it has something to do with the Pentagon and less so with the Twin Towers. I'm just baffled.

For years the Republicans have been saying: everything changed on 9/11, and we'll never forget 9/11.

Wouldn't that suggest that you don't need a license plate to remind you and others about the tragedy. For instance if it were that life changing wouldn't that suggest that reminding yourself would just be silly. Like don't need that. There are other symbols that remind you of things like that. And if it were something pleasant it'd be one thing. But it's the idea of terror and 9/11. Not the heroes, not the sacrifice, just the complete notion of unadulterated fear and unceasing worry...that terror conjures. Why would you make that your license plate.

I like to believe it's Tom Ridge's wife. She wanted to commemorate how she and her husband could afford this nice new car, and why it's registered in Virginia and not Wisconsin.

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