Sunday, July 10, 2005

Important and Attainable Goals.

I've just returned from practice with Nasty. I have settled on them as the team that I'll play with this season. It's not too intense, I feel good about my skill set vis a vis the rest of the team.

It was a long practice, 3.5 hours and I'm absolutely beat. I'm tired in new and slightly frightening ways. For instance while biking from the fields to my bus stop (about 1 mile) I had to pull over and lay down in the grass, for fear of swerving too much while riding. You may well ask, Aaron, are the practices that intense? Turns out they're moderately intense, but I'm a pretty large schmuck. Again, I went out and played ultimate without first drinking a bunch of water or consuming a single calorie. That's right, today I drank no water nor ate no food. Not smart, not at all. So that leads me to this week's "Important but Attainable Goal" (a feature I imagine will make several appearances).

Goal The First: I will eat 21 meals this week. That's right. I will at least as smart as I was when I was a 3rd grader. If you see me around meal time feel free to remind my of my goal, odds are I'll have forgotten by then.

Wholly random but funny moment: Every time I ride the bus back from practice I have to stiffle a laugh when we pass the Thai restaurant named: Thai Tanic. That's just funny. Every.Single.Time.

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