Sunday, June 05, 2005

Someone find me a beret

For reasons I don't fully understand I have started humming the theme song from The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Apparently I am reassuring that "[I'm] going to make it afterall." Freeze frame.

Well after driving back to DC from Ohio (this drive grows tiresome quickly) I have set up shop at 18th and Park. I live with a roomate (who is in Milwaukee right now) in a small but serviceable basement apartment. I miss having large windows, but being submerged beneath the earth tends to keep the place nice and cool. Not having air conditioning, I'm just thrilled about anything that keeps the place cooler. I'm a somewhat ironic twist of fate I am borrowing wireless access from someone in the building above me (take that angry middle aged man). My room lacks several basic things. First: a bed. Second an object by which I can keep my clothes off the floor. I'd settle for a bureau or cabinet, hell a strong walled cardboard box would suffice at this point. My room also lacks a desk, but now I'm just being picky.

I set out to find some of these items, namely a book shelf and or some hangers...something to give order to my room. I'm in the beginning of Genesis phase, instead of water and land, I'm trying to separate the clothing from the books. And were I to succeed it would be good. There is a cute little hardware store about 2 blocks from my place and so I headed over with every intent to patronize and support local business...and get some shit done. Turns out they don't have any of the things I need. Including a cutting board or boxes, or really anything besides row after row of Miracle Gro, and S hooks. I'm sure there are many people who need those products--just not me. So I set out walking. I walked a grand total of 3.5 miles trying to find a store that would sell me shitty press board funiture, milk crates, or a cutting board. Nothing. I know I'm not the first person to need these things. People before me have sought to elevate their books and keep their meat off the counter while cutting it. I'm not looking for a pint of unicorn tears. These are reasonable requests. Apaprently you need a car to get most things. But since I'm without...I will have to make due. Stay tuned for further updates into the oh-so thrilling efforts of Aaron to procure the basic accoutrements of apartment living.

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