Friday, June 17, 2005

Instant Soundtrack

Yesterday while sitting in the sunlight field where I was to play frisbee I put in my ipod earbuds scrolled over to my 6-7-05 mix and instantly I felt like the character of film. Something about the songs on the mix always evoke this strange slightly removed feeling. Granted some of it comes from the fact that a few of the songs come from Garden State, which I maintain is the best use of music in a film since the Royal Tennenbaums. Garden State is some amazing combination of Grosse Pointe Blank and the Graduate. It's a perfect melding of ennui and music and filmic brilliance.

So what's on 6-7-2005 mix.

The District Sleeps Alone--Postal Service
New Slang--The Shins (the real clincher, turns any moment into something seemingly worth filming)
Like a Hurricane--Neil Young (You are like a Hurricane, there's calm in your eyes)
The Only Living Boy in New York--Simon and Garfunkle
Memory Lane--Elliot Smith
Such Great Heights--Postal Service (makes everything seem more magical, and epic)
Ain't Necessarily So--Willie Nelson (a new addition, but from here on out a must have)
Doin' The Cockroach--Modest Mouse (this is for the hard part of the movie, when life gets rough)
Let Go--Frou Frou (yeah, I guess there are a lot of songs from Garden State on this mix...hmm, not so original am I)
Car--Built to Spill (melodic perfection)

UPDATE (Sort of)
Turns out that my newest Ipod mix has the same effect as previous ones, which suggests that maybe listening to music while waiting for the metro is the real trigger.

Novacaine for the soul (eels), under pressure (David Bowie and Queen), Come and Find Me (Josh Ritter), Suite Judy Blue Eyes (CSNY), Simple Twist of Fate (Dylan), Running to Stand Still (U2), Center of the Universe (built to spill)

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