Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Off to the 1st of Two Tryouts

I'm heading over to catch the bus down towards the Mall. From there I'll bike to the Polo Fields for HOV practice tonight. HOV is a team that routinely makes regionals and then finishes about 5th or 6th there. So it's not Sockeye or DoG, but still a fairly substantial step up in competition from Moby. The best part would be getting to play the Sockeyes, PIKEs, DoGs, etc of the world. The idea of lining up to guard Chase Sparling Beckley or Moses Rifkin is a bit intimidating, since up until this year I've been guarding generic hippy dad #3, or super fast but uncertain teen #2, people like that. This would be slightly different.

The other tryout is tomorrow. It's also at the Polo Fields. It's with a team called Nasty. They're coed and appear to be closer to the speed that I'm at least familiar with.

The strange part about all of this is that when I've played with and against stronger players I've played really well. Against Madison (Mad Ass Hen) at Poultry Days I skied several players from the 2003 National Champions and guarded (well) the captain of the 2003 team. Did I dominate or intimidate or even scare them, certainly not. I'm sure not a single person on Madison could pick me out of a lineup today. Point being, I played well, and feel confident that that kind of performance is something I can replicate. Tonight I start to find out how good I am, and maybe how good I can be.

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