Thursday, March 31, 2005

Place Them On Glass

So cool blogs do this on fridays, but I'm not cool, so I have to use thursday. They post the ten random songs that shuffle to the top on their computer. Well here are my ten songs:

Come and Find Me--Josh Ritter (good, I was hoping he'd make the random list)
Four Horsemen--The Clash
Roll--Richard Buckner
My Slate Roof--Boxstep
Mary's Place--Bruce Springsteen
Baby Got Back--Sir Mix-a-Lot (Seattle represents itself musically)
The Way--Fastball
Still Crazy After All These Years--Paul Simon (potentially a comment on the last two songs)
In My (Wildest Dreams) Jayhawks

Strange, no modest mouse, pearl jam or nirvana...and yet Sir Mix-a-lot holds down the fort for Seattle. Well done, Sir, well done indeed. Would that I could put them on the glass in your honor.

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