Friday, March 11, 2005

Aaron's Frisbee Game Playlist

1. Float On--Modest Mouse
2. Death or Glory--The Clash (also the name of one of the most dominant teams ever)
3. Sunday Bloody Sunday--U2 (descriptive of the time, and the condition of my knees)
4. Under Pressure--Queen and David Bowie
5. Hurt--Johnny Cash (see number 3)
6. Say It Ain't So--Weezer
7. Roll Out--Ludacris
8. Thank You (fallettinmebemiceelf)--Sly and the Family Stone (Funk is as funk does)
9. Shelter from the Storm--Bob Dylan
10. Baba O'Reilly--The Who
11. No Depression--Uncle Tupelo

Suggestions for other on topic, pump-up songs?

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