Thursday, March 31, 2005

Beach Logs Kill!

Last weekend Jen and I went to the Olympics (penninsula, not games) and the vast majority of that trip was incredible. I took a mess of photos (maybe too many) and I figured I'd post some of the better ones here.

These signs were all around on the western side of the Olympic Penninsula. Generally whatever direction the arrow pointed was directly opposite our desired path (we were heading towards the beach). While I did see some waves that make the Atlantic look like the water running down your drive way after you finish washing your car, we saw no tsunamis. Seemed better that way.

When we got down to the water at Ruby Beach we saw this sign, the best of the weekend, and an interjection throughout the weekend:

Yup, Beach Logs Kill (a great band name for anyone so inclined). The beach was covered in trees, hundreds potentially thousands of driftwooded trees, see below
Right, that's a lot of trees. Every one of them a killer.

For more photos visit Extra Vaganza.

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