Tuesday, November 09, 2004


For whatever reason, I've found myself writing less and less here. I'm not sure why that is. I have a new site. It's a collaboration with JKD, Chris Warshaw, James Burris, Will Singer, and I've invited others... to join. The basic premise is that we need to spend more time talking about how we talk about issues. I read George Lakoff's book Don't Think of an Elephant, it's all about frames and framing and reclaiming language. Got me thinking. so I have this new site: words that work.

I'm still playing loads of frisbee. And while I'm enjoying it, I think I need either a more pleasant team or a better one. Ideally both. I play with fine people, but more than just a few of them grate on my nerves. And it's hard to be developing as a long when the team has so few handlers. There just aren't that many people on our team with a 30 yard forehand, let alone with a 50 yarder.

Work is coming along fine. 2 of our candidates won. Tom has been making calls to our donors to thank them and update them. This has gone over very well. I'm currently printing (in batches of 25) 2476 envelopes and then stamping them. Then we'll all stuff and seal. Should take the better part of forever. But it's not too stressful, and frankly that's just fine with me.

Jen and I are doing really well. I'm feeling good about us, and know that moving here was the right decision.

I feel myself in a bit of a funk, I'd like to be moving towards some professional goal. And I just keep thinking that I don't know what I want to do. Similarly I wonder if I'm good at the things I'd like to be. Writing, analysis...etc. So I think part of the next few months will be reading more political books, trying to learn more, and also trying to think about what questions I'd like to be a part of answering. That seems like a good start for grad school. Then maybe over the summer I'll start to study for the GRE.

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