Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Random Thoughts from a stunned observer

I think that Bush won for some of the same reasons that Paul won elections. People think : "I may not like his opinion, but I know where he stands." He's plain spoken, so being wrong or right is better if you do it while not sounding too smart.

In the end moral recklessness posing as messianic certainty beat temperate and longwinded governance.

My PAC got destroyed. We basically lost all of the races we tried to influence, and happened two win two races that were easy pickups (where other groups did all the lifting). I don't know what that says about my judgement, or abilities--or if it says anything at all. I know I'm going to have to spend the next few months trying to keep this organization a float...and trying to pick better races next time.

I passed three homeless guys as I came into work this morning. Four more years....

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