Tuesday, November 30, 2004

It would be...it would be so nice, if we took a holiday

I return from my posting vacation, and my real vacation. I come back to an office full of insanity. I'm mentally fried and it's Tuesday of my first week back. I'm also wicked tired, and beginning to get sick. Though Jen is considerably more ill than I. She was running a solid fever and since we returned to the Great Northwest...well she's been fighting a nasty bug. So that's the bad stuff.

The good stuff. Thanksgiving was great. I was able to meet Jen's folks. I liked them, and was told that the feelings are "mutual." In less than a month Jen gets to meet my folks, I trust they will love her as I do. While in Boston I got to see Mark and Stacy and Brian. We (Mark et all) went to the North End and I ate a canoli for the first time. I have but two questions. Why have these tasty Italian delights been kept from me all these years? On whom should I unleash my gourmandic rage? Walked on the beach with Jen and her family. Cold. Seriously cold. But the sun was setting and the moon was full and out. There were photos taken, and hopefully they'll capture the beauty of the moment. After that it was time for fried squishy clams. These are clams in direct contrast to my normal choice of strip clams. Another first, squishy clams, are not nearly as good as canoli, but good nonetheless.

Went with Mark and Brian to hear Ben Ginsberg (he of the SBVFT and the chief lawyer for BC04). Trippi is a visiting fellow at the Kennedy School. And he (Trippi) invited BG to talk to students. It was fine. Ginsberg mentioned mandate every few sentences. He also seemed to receive erotic pleasure from uttering the words micro targeting. It's like something in his scrotal sac just tenses with glee whenever he got to say those words. And if psych 100 taught me anything (and that's questionable) its that animals will repeatedly push levers (say words) if it gives them pleasure. So in short we got to hear a lot about micro targeting. Except Ben never said what it was. Just that they (Republicans) had used it and that it helped them to get their mandate. I asked a question and was misunderstood. Then sorta ignored. Hooray! I wish I'd asked about Ken Mehlman and his man dates. But then I'd have been rude.

Work is maddening. I'm not sure if I'm going to make it till the summer. In fact some days I wonder if I'll make it to lunch. My boss is dead set on doing things his way and is convinced that he is smarter than me, than everyone at ACT, than everyone at EMILY's LIST, than everyone at MOVEON. He compared himself to Bill Gates last week. Explaining that I should believe his claim that we'll raise 2 million dollars this year (though we only raised 199K last year) because like Bill Gates he has a plan. Asked what the plan is...he stammered and changed the subject. I believe he may also have a secret plan to get us out of the war in Vietnam. Not certain about that. He is working to systematically prevent others in the office from helping to make the PAC more effective. "The buck stops here," he says, as though that were to fill me with confidence. He's not taking ownership of our failures...those are always outsourced. He just wants to make all the decisions. Yippee! Anyone out there who knows of good jobs in Seattle or ones opening up in September in Boston, Providence, New Haven, NYC, Baltimore, DC or Raliegh....let me know.

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