Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Helpful Instructions

While my boss is in Cancun I've been taking it a bit easier.

Here are the instructions for what I should do in his absence:

"List different options for your future projects. Develop contigency plans for the different options...ie, it this is adopted or happens/then we develop a plan to deal with it this way."

Well...it's possible that I could develop a mannequin made of i-pods, paper mache, tennis balls and beaver pelts that will take the fashion world by storm with its slender torso and shapely legs. This could prompt the PAC to shift it's focus to haute couture. And in so doing we might suggest that all Democratic candidates change their last names to Vitton.

Contigency plans: Do we have enough beaver pelts? Won't the primaries be confusing if all the names are the same.

See....fun stuff.

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