Tuesday, June 27, 2006


So some basic updates:

Since I last posted I've been to a wedding. Aaron Bonner-Jackson got married and everything went off without a hitch...except well, you know Aaron and Kia. They got hitched, but in that good way. Jesseca and I went Greyhound up to Philly, met up with Dave and Neil. The four of us then piled into Dave's jetta and drove to Rochester. Dave's car lacks air conditioning, as did--we later learned--the states of PA and NY. It was hot as blazes, nearly 90 degrees. So long drive in small car with no AC..we were exhausted when we arrived. But the weekend was only just beginning. There was tux testing. Dinner. Go karting (ABJ lost, but you know that's alright). Paint ball (Cricket watches as you sleep). Good times. Rather than give a detailed summary, I'll give a very vague one. The weekend was great. ABJ looked, and was incredibly happy. Kia looked radiant. People drank and danced. No one made a fool of themselves. No one burst into tears and lamented that they'll never be married. All in all, good stuff.

So that was two weekends ago.

This weekend Jesseca and I began painting our apartment. I say ours because, well that's the appropriate term for something held in possession between or among two or more people. Dave moved out this Saturday and she's moving in. I think it'll be nice. We're struggling with painting, and recarpeting, and figuring out where to put all the stuff. it's daunting and tiring. Hopefully those things will be taken care of soon enough, and we'll get a chance to share a nice, pretty space together.

Sadly, at present we're sharing the place with some funk. Not the good james brown, george clinton, stevie wonder kind of funk. We're talking dank, stank, rank...funk. The torrential rains of the past few days have finally overwhelmed the not so impressive foundation of the basement and the back bedroom is soaked. The carpet is awful and reeks. Thankfully we were planning on replacing the carpeting already, so this just gives further impetus.

As for what's to come: tomorrow we leave for Seattle. I'm going to play at Potlatch (largest co-ed tournament in the world) and Jesseca gets to see family. I'll also meet some family members and generally get to putz around Seattle with good friends from DC, Jesseca, and others. Should be quite a week (we're back on July 5). I haven't been back to Seattle in more than a year. Given the weather we've been having here in DC, I'm excited for the dry forecast in Seattle. How strange is that, I'm flying to Seattle to escape the rain.

All in all good stuff. And yet, all that said, I've been, of late, somewhat anxious, unsettled, nervous, worried. I have this sense like I'm not really moving towards things. I feel, as I have before, like I'm drifting not rowing through life. I don't know what I want to be different, but I get the sense that soon I'll find out. Or at least that's the hope. I want to feel motivated and excited again. I think that's when I'm most happy, most fun to be around, and most fully "Aaron." Maybe this trip, the new living situation, some distance from home, or discovering some new hobby (artisinal cheese making?) will help get me "out of this rut and back into the groove." Here's hoping.

Expect photos of Seattle, and maybe a few good stories about Potlatch, Mt. Rainier, and the various wonders of the West.

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