Thursday, June 01, 2006

Neither a borrower...

On the way into work today I was listening to NPR (my new phone gets FM reception--pretty spiffy) and heard an excerpt from Hillary Clinton's acceptance speech of the Democratic nomination for senate. Pretty standard stuff, really. I found an article in the New York Daily News that quoted the speech, see if you can guess what part(s) set me off:

"We need new leadership," she declared. "We're going to see that this November. We're going to start electing Democrats. America's going in that direction. If we stand together as Democrats, with hard work we will take our country back."

If you guessed the part where she completely ripped off Howard Dean, you win a prize. Your prize is a festering righteous anger at mainline Democrats marginalizing Dean then when politically convenient scooping up his ideas and running with them--all without recognition of the act. Here's the thing, for Hillary Clinton to talk about taking our country back is somewhat skewed. She's not taking her country back, she's getting it back from her neighbor to whom she lent it. She eagerly offered up power and support to bad ideas and bad bills because she thought it expedient. Neither a borrower nor a lender be, Hillary.

And besides, it's not taking our country back, it's more like when you bug your neighbor to return your weedeater.

The New York Daily News goes on to explain:

In what often sounded like an Iowa stump speech, Clinton trashed the Bush administration on everything from the environment to the deficit to foreign affairs to energy policy to the gutting of FEMA.

It sounded a lot like a specific Iowa stump speech. Let's see, I think I remember who said that, oh right, Howard Dean, whom Clinton fans disparaged and tried to derail.

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