Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I'm settling in this week and beginning to face the task of filing my taxes. As a progressive I don't really mind paying my taxes. I like the idea that my taxes go to programs that educate children, fund roads, help pay for the arts, support scientific research. All good things. I'm less thrilled when my tax dollars go to a misguided war and creating another Halliburton millionaire. So that hurts a little. Oh, and I realize I'm paying the government for the right to live in a country where I have no federal representation. I seem to remember a catchy phrase that summed this up.

Let's see... "When in doubt, I whip it out. Got me a rock an roll band it's a free for all." No that's not it.

If it does not fit, you must acquit.

Nope not that one. Well anyway, I'm sure it'll come to me.

My main frustration with tax season is two fold.
1) as a person who has worked for many employers in many states in the past few years, tax time is a dizzying array of municipalities, governments and employers taking, deducting, refunding, contributing and taxing my money. To say nothing of the several states from which I have received refunds, or unemployment benefits in the same time. It's maddening. This year, the most sane in a while, still features 3 separate W2 forms and 4 separate states. Yuck.

2) The government knows what the right answer is. That's the frustrating part. You fill out your taxes trying to get the right answer. But all along there is a predetermined answer, that you're supposed to arrive at. So it's a little annoying. It's like if the electric company asked you to estimate how much your bill should be and then had the power to punish you for getting it wrong. I'd much rather get a bill from the government for my share of the nation's efforts. That'd be much nicer and less stressful.

So my hope is that I'll have ONE job for the next 12 months and have ONE state of residence and ZERO unemployment. That'd be pretty terrific.

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